Fascinated by the world, Reese Brindisi has always watched everyone and everything around her very closely. 


Reese as a child was obsessed with the 110mm and 35mm family point and shoots, documenting all family vacations. She got serious about it at 12 and bought her first film SLR camera with money she had saved up from recycling.


Her photography career started by accident in 2008. First she was production assistant on films, and stagehand for theatre. With so much experience in moving around in 3 dimensional spaces like sets and designing lighting, photography was a natural expression for her.


She also performed in professional sketch and improv troupes for 3 years. Reese has a love for quick sincere human connection and contagious joy. She currently works her silly out by performing as "Rousty", a clown for The Vespertine Circus's show, "Hinge".


"I have found a way to use my eye for composition and light, my technical knowledge of a camera, and enjoy an emphatic link with people to support them in their dreams... and get paid for it?! This is it! This is amazing! I will be doing this the rest of my life."

~ Reese Brindisi



  • Actor and Business Headshots
  • Theatre / Film / Circus
  • Fire
  • Corporate Functions
  • Fairy and Mermaid Children's Entertainment Companies
  • Tournaments - Roller Derby / Jiu Jitsu
  • Weddings / Families
  • Large Art Projects
  • Festivals